40' Battling Rope

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40' Polypropylene Rope - Perfect for Battling! Rope training is a highly functional but intense method of training designed to challenge all of the energy systems. The 40’ 1.5” rope is ideal for most people new to rope training. Great for sports athletes, firefighters, grip athletes, wrestling, grappling, MMA, general fitness & conditioning, build muscle & burns fat.

  • Outer nylon casing protects the rope against getting cut and frayed.
  • 1,500 Lb. average break strength 3 -strand braid design will not weather
  • Rope floats
  • Black/Gray color
  • Available Thickness: 1 1/2 inch Polypropylene 
  • Type of Rope: Polypropylene
  • Note:  Ropes come with a heat shrink booted end.

We recommend not holding on to the boot while exercising as it can cause the boot to come off. This is not covered by warranty.

Shipping Weight:  20 lbs.

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