Aeromat Yoga Wedge

Aeromat Yoga Wedge

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The AeroMat Yoga Wedge provides support in poses when its hard to keep the hands or feet flat on the floor. This is usually due to stiff or arthritic ankles and wrists. By placing a yoga wedge under the hands and feet, it will improve stability within the poses and it allows the practicer proper alignment without undue stress on the wrists and ankle joints.


  • Made of lightweight, dense, and scratch-proof foam.
  • Featuring a tapered edge and cushioned support.
  • The foam is non-toxic and soft but maintains its shape even after being used as support in weight-bearing poses.
  • Individually wrapped.
  • Brand and Packaging: No branding or UPC labels. Individually shrink-wrapped


  • 2” tapering to 1/16” thick
  • 6”x20”