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Title: Beastie X-Firm
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With a perfect combination of bump placement, size, firmness, and flexibility, the Beastie overcome the limitations of other massage balls. It's an excellent addition to any deep-tissue toolset.


  • DEEPER MASSAGE, DEEPER RELIEF – If you’re accustomed to foam rolling then you know how hard it is to relieve every one of your knots and trigger points. This is why we created the Beastie; it’s a massage roller ball that gives you an incredibly deep and targeted myofascial release. We admit it looks a bit aggressive but, as you can see from the reviews, it’s a highly EFFECTIVE tool.


  • GETS INTO THOSE TRICKY SPOTS – Unlike a foam roller, or lacrosse ball, the bumps on this Rumble Roller tool make it easy to self-massage and eliminate troublesome areas. Whether you need to use it on your shoulders or neck it can work wonders for muscle pain and tightness. So much so that you’ll be left wondering where this has been your entire life.


  • PERFECT FOR WORK OR TRAVEL – Even if you’re constantly on the go, the Beastie enables you to squeeze in recovery sessions at any time of day or place. Just carry it around in your gym bag or briefcase. Then use it on your hamstrings while sitting at your desk or massage the bottom of your feet while on an airplane. Now that’s what we call a convenient muscle roller.


  • COMES WITH VERSATILE BEASTIE BASE – The detachable base is more than just a glorified place to store your Beastie. Using it on the floor allows you to increase the intensity of your routine for sore muscles. Meaning, you’ll have numerous techniques to ease your pains. Not to mention, it also prevents the ball from rolling away on you.


  • SELF-CARE IS THE BEST CARE – When it comes to your physical health there’s nothing more important than remaining injury-free. And investing in the right tools can make a world of difference. Thus, considering the alternatives, like going to a massage therapist, you’ll find this piece of equipment is well worth it.


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