Elite PREMIUM Garage Rack 3"x3"

Sale price$824.00


We had so much success with the Lean Garage Rack, we only had one suggestion "make it to handle more weight".  These requests came from Power Lifters who loved the design and function of the lean rack and also came from institutions that wanted to outfit their spaces with our racks.  


We developed the Elite Garage Rack using 3"x3" laser cut uprights, also 3"x3" extended J-Hooks that can handle the 1,000lbs capacity target.  All the same features with heavier-duty steel.  If you have seen how sturdy the lean garage rack is, you will be even more impressed with this Elite model.  Just like the lean garage rack, this rack can be installed in half the time as any other mounting garage rack.  

Others brag that 2 people can install their rack in 3/4 hours,  1 person can install the Lean Rack in half that time and we will even ship you the materials needed.  But this is just one reason you should buy this rack. Others are;

  • Stability (no hinging, no moving, equals stronger),
  • Level (the rack can be installed level, when garage floors may not be level, other folding racks will be put in a bind when this happens, causing parts to become weak and susceptible to failure).  
  • Ease of Deployment (no need for super high ceilings to store the rack. You simply just set your j-hooks, something you needed to do anyway)  The ease of deployment and adjustments.  No moving parts mean nothing to go wrong.  

The ELITE Lean Garage Rack is

  • Laser-cut from 11 ga steel
  • Fly Away Attachment mounting plates are made from 7 ga steel. (INCLUDED)
  • Uprights stand 87" Tall with 2" hole pattern to 49" from floor and 3" hole pattern the rest of the upright (INCLUDED)
  • A standard pull-up bar that is 30" away from the wall (8' from the floor), which can be adjusted in 6" increments up to a foot (INCLUDED)
  • 1,000 lb rated J-Hooks (INCLUDED)

This garage rack gives you the stability to complete your full workout at home. Just pull the car out, park, and start your workout! Storage is beyond easy and optimal for tight spaces. When stored, you are only 4.75" from your wall. We've even made this rack easier to love with custom options like our optional installation kit that saves you time and a trip to the hardware store. The installation kit comes with 2 steel stringers with holes pre-drilled, lag bolts, and washers. Plus custom color options (*Increases lead time by 3 BUSINESS DAYS ), extended fly away bar, and storage add-ons. The ELITE Lean Garage Rack can be purchased for HALF the price of some of the other garage racks, and the fact that it can be installed in half the time as well has definitely made this a favorite for many. 

See how easy the installation is

  • Use : Squat/Bench/PullI-up/Gymnastics
  • Weight : 140lbs
  • Material : Steel
  • Capacity : 1,000lbs
  • Height : 96" (the pull-up bar)
  • Width : 48"
  • Length : 4.75"
  • Assembly : Bolt
  • Coating : Powder (custom available)
  • Warranty : Lifetime (welds)
  • Made In USA : YES

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