First Degree Evolution Series E620ST Predator

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Supremely Versatile – Perfect for Every Facility
Whether you are a veteran, athlete or somewhere in between, the Predator is designed to target strength, endurance, intensity, agility, stability, flexibility and balance. The Predator has been constructed for high intensity, powerful workouts. Commercial-grade and CrossFit ready, this standing UBE offers heavy duty performance that can withstand even the most demanding fitness levels.

The slimline footplates allow for wheelchair access and its bi-directional function offers huge advantage for rehabilitation purposes, enabling reciprocal muscle group balance and support of major joints.

An eye-catching unit, this UBE will quickly become a focal point of any facility, producing competitive results at an affordable price point.

The Predator features FDF’s famous fluid innovation technology with 20 levels of intense fluid resistance and continuous catch on the arm pedal.


  • Variable Fluid Resistance with 20 levels.  Instantly adapts for progressive training, interval training or multiple user requirements.
  • Stainless steel marine grade impeller blades housed in a tough polycarbonate tank deliver unprecedented resistance levels and a sensory workout experience to sustain your interest
  • Operates in both forward and reverse directions for complete muscle engagement.
  • Interactive Performance Monitor (IPM) with USB port: The IPM displays: time, speed, distance, RPM, calories per hour, watts, level, pacer, and heart rate. The IPM gives you quick start, manual programs, interval training, USP port allows interactive programming.
  • Wide foot supports maintain total stability and enable wheelchair access
  • Self-levelling, comfortable, ergonomic hand grips reduce wrist torque


Height 49.5"
Length 29"
Width 52.8"
Carton A

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