Hampton Fitness 2.5lb Add-on Plate

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Hampton Stack Plate Add-On Weight Rubber-Coated Iron work universally on selectorized weight machines with add-on weights in 2.5 lb. and 5 lb. increments, adding variety to your workouts. If you find you need to add just a little more weight to your workout, but going up to the next plate selection on your weight machine is too much, what you need is an easy way to add just a little more weight!

Add-on stack plates can give you extra flexibility on your selectorized weight machine. Instead of increasing your weight by an entire plate, you can place a smaller plate on top of the stack.

Hampton Stack Plates are designed to fit on top of your weight stack. These rubber-coated cast iron plates fit most weight stacks on nearly any selectorized weight machine. Due to the rubber coating on these plates, these stack plates Will not slip, slide or fall off. And, they are designed to make sure they will not damage the weight stack or machine.

Sold individually – NOT in a set

Product Features

  • Rubber-coated iron
  • Fits most weight stacks

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