Precor EFX 635 w/ Adjustable CrossRamp & Moving Arms

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The self-powered Precor EFX 635 Elliptical Crosstrainer is a professional quality elliptical, found in corporate wellness studios, personal training studios, multi-family complexes, and physical therapy centers that strikes the optimal balance between durability, reliability, and innovation. It’s the perfect elliptical for your home as well.

The EFX 635 Elliptical Crosstrainer features a motorized incline adjustment between 10 and 35 degrees to keep you challenged in your workout every day for years to come. It also features our patented elliptical path that perfectly mimics a natural stride that allows exercisers to keep their heels down for a more comfortable, effective, and ergonomically correct motion.

The EFX 635 Elliptical Crosstrainer features moving handlebars to help you achieve a total body workout. The P30 console complements this elliptical with easy-to-use motion controls, an LED display with essential workout stats to keep exercisers moving, informed and engaged.

Product Features:

  • Motorized CrossRamp® is adjustable between 10 and 35 degrees
  • Moving handlebars for a total body workout
  • P30 LED console with an easy-to-use interface and essential workout features to keep exercisers motivated.
  • Self-powered