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TRX® PRO4 SYSTEM - the pinnacle of fitness innovation for those who demand the best. This premium training system is meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive, professional-grade workout experience, empowering you to reach your fitness goals and achieve peak performance. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, an athlete, or a professional trainer, the TRX® PRO4 SYSTEM is your ultimate partner in unlocking your full fitness potential.

Product Features:

  • TRX® PRO Suspension Trainer: The heart of the system, the TRX® PRO4 Suspension Trainer, is constructed with commercial-grade materials for maximum durability and versatility, enabling you to perform a wide range of bodyweight exercises.
  • Locking Carabiner: The high-quality, locking carabiner offers enhanced safety, ensuring a secure connection during your workouts.
  • Industrial-Grade Components: Every component of the TRX® PRO4 SYSTEM is built to withstand heavy use, making it a perfect choice for professional trainers and gyms.
  • Built-In Adjusters: The easy-to-adjust, ergonomic handles and foot cradles allow for quick customization, ensuring a comfortable and personalized workout.
  • TRX® App Access: Gain exclusive access to the TRX® app, providing you with an extensive library of workouts, coaching, and guidance for tailored fitness programs and progress tracking.

Why Choose TRX® PRO4 SYSTEM:

  • Professional-Grade Performance: Experience the highest-quality materials and industrial components designed for long-lasting performance.
  • Versatile Training: The TRX® PRO4 SYSTEM allows for a wide range of exercises, making it ideal for all fitness levels and goals.
  • Enhanced Safety: The locking carabiner and ergonomic adjusters ensure a secure and comfortable workout experience.
  • Exclusive TRX® App: Access the TRX® app for tailored workouts and professional guidance, keeping you on track with your fitness journey.
  • Perfect for All: Whether you're a professional trainer, a dedicated athlete, or a fitness enthusiast, the TRX® PRO4 SYSTEM is your ultimate training solution.

Don't miss the opportunity to take your fitness to the next level with the TRX® PRO4 SYSTEM. Order yours today and unlock the potential for a stronger, more resilient, and high-performing you. Experience the power of TRX® innovation!

Comes with everything you need to workout anywhere - at home or on the go.

  • TRX Pro4 Suspension Trainer
  • Door anchor
  • Suspension anchor
  • Xtender
  • Mesh carry bag

Why buy from TRX?

  • Industry Leader in Functional Training for Two Decades
  • Endorsed by Millions of Prosumers & Consumers
  • TTC Training App with 14-Day Free Trial to support every level, every goal
  • Hassle-Free Return Policy
  • Superior Quality Warranty

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