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Introducing the TRX DURABALLISTIC AB SLIDER – your key to sculpting those six-pack abs and achieving core strength like never before. This innovative fitness accessory is designed to take your ab workouts to the next level, making it an essential addition to your fitness arsenal.

Product Features:

  • Rugged Durability: The TRX DURABALLISTIC AB SLIDER is built to withstand intense workouts, ensuring it stands the test of time and supports your fitness journey.
  • Precision Engineering: These ab sliders are meticulously designed to provide ultra-smooth gliding motion, allowing you to engage your core muscles effectively.
  • Portable and Compact: Compact and lightweight, the TRX DURABALLISTIC AB SLIDER is perfect for home, gym, or on-the-go workouts, offering ultimate convenience.
  • Versatile Ab Workouts: These sliders can be used for a wide range of ab exercises, helping you target different muscle groups and achieve a sculpted core.
  • Non-Slip Grip: The non-slip bottom ensures stability during your workouts, preventing any unwanted slips and providing a secure platform for your ab exercises.


  • Take your ab workouts to the next level with this innovative fitness accessory.
  • Achieve a sculpted core and enhance your overall core strength.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of using these sliders wherever and whenever you desire.
  • A must-have for anyone seeking a convenient and effective solution for core workouts.
  • Elevate your fitness journey and achieve the results you've always wanted.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to redefine your core and build a stronger, healthier you. Order the TRX DURABALLISTIC AB SLIDER today and unlock the secret to achieving your fitness goals like a pro. Elevate your core workouts and experience the power of TRX innovation!

Product specifications:

  • Choose from Soft Back or Hard Back options
  • Soft back for use on hard floors
  • Hard back for use on carpet
  • High-density foam maintains its shape
  • Textured, tacky top for superior grip and control to keep hands & feet in place
  • Felt bottom for smooth gliding on hard surfaces
  • 7” diameter
  • Comes with 2 disc sliders
  • Kevlar® fibers are approximately 5% of the material blend

Why buy from TRX?

  • Industry Leader in Functional Training for Two Decades
  • Endorsed by Millions of Prosumers & Consumers
  • TTC Training App with 14-Day Free Trial to support every level, every goal
  • Hassle-Free Return Policy
  • Superior Quality Warranty

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