TRX Family Fitness Pack

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The Family Fitness Pack includes:

  • 4kg - 12kg TRX Kettlebells
  • TRX 12" Mini Resistance Band Set
  • TRX Strength Bands; XX-Light, X-Light, Light
  • TRX 18" Foam Roller
  • TRX Mat


TRX Kettlebells: 

TRX Kettlebells are a great addition to your workout -- from squats, swings, and snatches, to thrusters and walk carries that build strength and endurance. TRX kettlebells were put through a premium gravity cast molding process, resulting in ultra-durable kettlebells with a flat bottom, even finish, and smooth, comfortable handle for easy gripping and transitions.

12" Mini Resistance Bands

TRX Exercise Bands are your partner in crime for any exercise you want to tackle. Perfect for low-impact training, rehabilitation, stretching and mobility, these lightweight and easily packable bands will help you push and pull your way through anything.

Strength Bands

TRXs full-length bands for full-body workouts. Loop one under your feet and over your shoulders for resisted squats. Loop one around a tree for chest presses, pull-downs, face-pulls, you name it. Consider them your lightest-weight workout accessory to round out your workout or rehab session.

18" Foam Roller

It's like getting the most intense massage, and then some. All it takes is a TRX Foam Roller and some direct pressure for myofascial release: soothe sore muscles and prep them for a speedy recovery, and also roll your way into muscular balance, better flexibility, and reduced risk of injury. Available in either 18" or 36", the TRX Foam Roller is made from high-quality expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam, allowing it to keep its shape and delivering consistent results through deep tissue therapy that’ll keep your muscles ready for anything.


Soften up even your toughest workouts! The TRX Mat is a mid-sized, cushioned training surface that brings comfort to your planks, crunches, hamstring curls, or bridges. Functional, durable, portable, and easy to store, the TRX Mat is the perfect add-on to anywhere your workouts take you.