XD ABcycle

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The AbCycle™ goes far beyond cheap ab rollers found at big box stores or online discount shops. It features a whole new dual wheel design with quality smooth-rolling urethane wheels on high-speed ball bearings. This dual wheel feature provides users with more stability and safety than single-wheel options.The high-speed bearings allow the wheels to spin smoothly along the steel axle base.

Molded on rubber handle grips offer 3 different grip zones for the flexibility of the user to choose hand placement.

Use a close grip, wide grip, or an uneven grip to maximize workout results. The wheels and grips are resting on a steel axle which provides great stability and durability.

The XD™ AbCycle™ targets your core. It is an ideal tool to increase core stability, strength, and endurance. By performing ab roll-outs with the AbCycle™, users must stabilize the upper body and core together at the same time. Target abdominal muscles and hip flexors by rolling out in a vertical line, and target oblique muscles by rolling out at an angle.


35" Long. 6" Wide. 6" High. 

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